Lisa Corine Von Koch

Lisa Corine von Koch (the Baroness Elsa von) is an artist, yogi and educator raised in the wild desert of Moab, Utah. There can be no denying the profound influence the vivid landscape and lifestyle has had on her, making her an intrepid adventurer when it comes to making artwork. As a Ceremonial Documenter who fully inhabits the work she creates, Lisa blurs the lines between art and life, fluidly toying with identity and ritual, performance and visual art. She believes whole-heartedly in doing it in the real world, beginning her drawings beyond the edge of cliffs, at the tops of mountains, on the dance floor, and completing them in The Eclipse, her studio sanctuary. She creates images that celebrate her Tribe of dirtbag saints/seekers, BASE jumpers, highliners, yogis, dancers, and fantastic animals in a luminous and rugged landscape. Lisa currently teaches drawing courses at Metropolitan State University of Denver.





Denver, CO USA