Painter & Animator Jennifer Levonian

Still from Levonian's "Take Your Picture with a Puma"

The SFAI Welcomes Painter & Animator

Jennifer Levonian

Lecture & Screening

Monday August 23

Tipton Hall 6pm

$10 general | $5 students/seniors/sfai members

Jennifer Levonian is a Philadelphia-based artist who creates cut-paper and watercolor animations that explore the ambivalence of everyday life by focusing on things which go unnoticed and transforming them into bizarre and uncanny events. Her animations move through the land and landscape with a sensitive eye looking sideways at how we fit (or don’t) into the world around us.

Levonian graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with her master’s in fine arts in painting. She had been creating watercolor paintings that were narrative, but felt something was missing. Her last winter at RISD, she took a class in animation which inspired her to turn her watercolors into animation. She cut up her paintings and made stop-motion films to give her narrative a context, a pace and more depth.

You can see Levonian’s animation “Take Your Picture with a Puma” at the Santa Fe Art Institute in the Elemental: Earth Air Fire Water exhibition through August 27th.

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