New Americans: Immigrant Contributions in New Mexico

New Americans: Immigration Contributions in New Mexico is a collaboration between SFAI, the Santa Fe Dreamers Project, and the Design Corps of Santa Fe. This Immigration Impact Project is the inaugural thematic project of the 2015-16 SFAI Immigration / Emigration Thematic Residency. Check out a digital version of the project below, download a printable version of the poster here, and read more about the project here.



To kick off the project, the Center for Urban Pedagogy, an award-winning design non-profit based in New York City, provided a full day workshop to project participants on the use of well-designed print materials to explain complex policy issues to the layperson. The Santa Fe Dreamers Project provided multiple immigration teach-ins for the group and outlined a general direction that would help their advocacy efforts to provide accurate information about the economic and social benefits that immigrants have in New Mexico.


Members of the Design Corps of Santa Fe designed printed materials that tell the story of New Mexico immigrants and provides numbers showing their significant economic contributions to the State. The final design is a poster that can be hung on a wall or folded for mobility. There is a Spanish language version as well. Posters can be picked up at the offices of the Santa Fe Dreamers Project or at SFAI, or can be downloaded here.


Each year, SFAI will continue to sponsor projects that are related to annual thematic investigations and which will positively impact the Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico communities.


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