Creating Diversity & Inclusion in Monuments: A Dialogue with Robert Garcia

Creating Diversity & Inclusion in Monuments: A Dialogue with Robert Garcia, Founding Director of The City Project

7-830PM | OCTOBER 12 | AT SFAI

How do monuments reflect society and our collective narratives? Robert Garcia, civil rights attorney and Founding Director of The City Project, will address how civil rights and community based strategies can promote equal access to public resources including cultural monuments, parks, and schools.

Join us to explore the many questions surrounding the complex narratives that are told through monuments. Currently, old monuments commemorating the confederacy and imperialism are being challenged, and new monuments are being created that embrace our multi-cultural histories. Robert will discuss strategies of coalition building and challenges of translating research, policy, and law into real change in people’s lives; strategic media campaigns; and advocacy in and out of court.


“I am an immigrant. I was born in Guatemala and came to the United States with my mother, sister, and other members of my family when I was four years old… Today my family includes a lawyer, a medical doctor, and an MBA.” Robert is a Civil Rights Attorney (Stanford Law School), the Founding Director-Counsel of The City Project / Proyecto del Pueblo, and Community Faculty at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles. He has led workshops and presentations for organizing and leadership development with numerous grassroots organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies. Read more about the City Project & Robert’s work here.


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