Midtown Campus Project / Spears Horn Architects

Spears Horn Architects — Planning Narrative 

The site is located in the physical center of the City of Santa Fe and as such has opportunity to become a dynamic node for Santa Fe and to revitalize the former campus area as well as the surrounding urban fabric. It is important the new center celebrate the rich history of Santa Fe and reflects in a new way the unique identity of the City Different. Inspired by the Culture Connects initiative created by the City of Santa Fe in 2016, the new center should be inclusive. It should be a dense, vibrant and easily accessed destination for residents and tourists, with a variety of programs and uses to attract people across all demographic categories (age, race, economic strata, cultural identity and gender). As a dense magnet of spaces and activities at the geographic core of Santa Fe, it will also serve as a transportation link addressing motion of pedestrians, bicycles, and motorized vehicles including cars, scooters, buses, motorcycles, etc.
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Spears Horn — Visionary Concepts