Midtown Campus Project / AOS Architects

AOS Architects — Planning Narrative

The revisioning of the Santa Fe University of Arts and Design presents an historic opportunity to heal the wounds of decades of short-sighted planning that has resulted in an isolated and fortified campus, unknown to most residents and visitors to the city. The campus is located in the geographic and demographic center of the city, however the campus creates a large void in the city fabric surrounded by an array of few streets that do not connect the surrounding communities. With over 33 buildings, the 64+ acre site exhibits a wide variety of open space and underperforming parking. The campus inhibits walkability, commerce, education, and civic goals. An integrated civic space with creative outlets that connect the surrounding communities to the ambitions of a higher education, which most urban higher education campuses support, is noticeably missing from the current condition of the campus.
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AOS Architects — Visionary Concepts