Martha Russo

Russo’s 2013 SFAI exhibit, cavities and clumps, is reviewed in ArtNews.


shibumi (no.4)

60 feet length x 18 feet height x 12 feet width

(Photo: Martha Russo)

Russo speaks about the work:

“Through the abject, the elegant, the tenuous, and the abundant, within the cavity of a single space or the accretion of clumps of forms, Martha Russo creates provocative, contemplative spaces. The work speaks, psychologically and physically, about the interior of the body and the space that surrounds the body. The exhibition consists of sculptures and installations from 1999 to present including a collaborative work with Katie Caron and another with Elizabeth and Roberta Faulhaber. The art brings into question ideas about contested space and springs from the worlds of cellular biology and organ anatomy, cross-pollinated with underwater seascapes and domestic environments. The works also respond and bring attention to the elegant and light-rich architectural spaces, designed by Ricardo Legorreta, inside and outside the building. The underlying premise of the show is to intersect abstracted sculptural forms with architectural space to hold one in a wordless world in hopes of creating a place to wander and to wonder.”

-Martha Russo 2013

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