Kourtney Andar

Kourtney Andar / SFAI Works Manager

SFAI Works Manager / 505.424.5050 ext. 1001/  kandar@sfai.org

As a writer, activist, and social justice educator, Kourtney has trained hundreds of men and women on violence prevention, pro-feminism, and environmental justice. As the Board Vice President of the international peace organization Veterans For Peace, he leads membership recruitment efforts and is organizing a dismantling patriarchy committee. At the University of Missouri-Columbia, Kourtney co-advised a male ally program and sexual violence prevention student organization, and assisted with implementing a comprehensive bystander intervention program. After having worked as an office administrator for the Center for Social Justice, Kourtney lead the People of Color Caucus with Fertile Ground Institute, worked as the administrative assistant for Culture Reframed – a leading NGO educating on commercial sexual exploitation – and was a featured speaker at the 2014 Earth At Risk: The Justice & Sustainability Conference. Kourtney is a published author and his articles are available on several activist websites. He grew up in Illinois, served four years in the Army National Guard, and moved to Santa Fe with his wife in July 2016.