Invincible after Chemo – A Documentary Film by a Young Cancer Survivor

Invincible after Chemo
 A Short Documentary Film by
Jessica Olivas

Screening and Q&A w/ Jessica Olivas
Thursday, May 30, 2013
6pm @ SFAI
$10 general | $5 seniors/students | FREE to Middle and High School Students

Santa Fe, NM –The Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) is pleased to welcome young filmmaker, Jessica Olivas to premier her short documentary, Invincible after Chemo.

About Invincible after Chemo:
Jessica Olivas embarked on documenting her journey as a cancer patient when she participated in a short film workshop sponsored by the Santa Fe Art Institute and the SFPS Adelante Program – a local school and community-based program that supports children living in homeless situations. Her original short film chronicled only part of her treatment stage. When the initial project was completed, Jessica was driven to continue telling her story through film and began to work on this project. Jessica allowed her treatments and family reactions to be captured on film, and shared her personal thoughts to help others understand the challenges she has faced and still continues to conquer. By sharing her first hand experience she hopes to send the message that a diagnosis of cancer is not the end. Through the process of working on the second film, Jessica has developed a renewed sense of the direction in which she wants to take her future. Her wish is that the lessons she has learned through facing adversity will give her the strength to pay it forward so others will share in the optimism that she now sees. Jessica’s hope is to inspire others so that when faced with cancer, the journey can be one of discovery, hope, faith, and becoming invincible.

About Jessica Olivas:
Jessica Olivas was born Guerrero, Chihuahua, Mexico in 1986. At the age of 4 she moved to Winslow, Arizona and attended Winslow Public Schools where she graduated in 2004. She has risen to the ranks of a managerial position with Martinez Management Incorporated where she currently works. In her free time, Jessica enjoys hiking, painting, traveling, spending time with her family, and serving as an active member of the Winslow Cancer Support Group. The process of making this film has inspired her to consider filmmaking as a future endeavor.

About the SFPS ADELANTE Program:
The Adelante Program annually connects about 1,600 children, students, youth and their families experiencing homelessness to community resources and collaborates with other community organizations to raise awareness about ending child homelessness. Adelante provides school supplies and clothing; tutoring; weekly evening programs that include dinner, children’s art classes, parent workshops and groceries; case management; transportation; advocacy in the schools and community; a Food Pantry; immigrant resources, and the Partners in Education Homeless Fund to help Adelante children and youth during emergencies. Adelante’s new website is at

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