FLASH FLOOD is almost here!


This is a call for all of you to take action… to get involved in a community art project that will raise awareness of the severe water and climate change issues in New Mexico.

We, at the Santa Fe Art Institute, believe art can be a powerful force in social, cultural, and environmental change and the arts are at the core of who we are and what we do. Our fundamental goal is to build community through the arts, but if we do not take responsibility for our actions we will not have a community to build.

This is why we urge you to JOIN US on November 20th in this incredible community art action.

The Santa Fe Art Institute has been selected by Bill McKibben and 350.org to take part in the global art project that will be presented at the Cancun Climate Change Conference this coming November in Cancun, Mexico. Santa Fe is one of five sites in the U.S. that were invited, and is the only community based art action, to participate in the global project. The event will be photographed on the ground and by satellite from outer space, as well as recorded by video to be broadcast around the world.

On November 20th, thousands of Santa Fe community members and other folks from around the state will gather in the dry Santa River bed to form a human “river of water”. With cardboard painted blue on one side, the people will be orchestrated to flip the brown side of the cardboard to the blue to create a rushing river – a human FLASH FLOOD.

JOIN US on November 20th, 9:30-11:30am at either San Ysidro Crossing or Caja del Oro Grant crossing, with your large piece of cardboard painted blue on one side (or blue tarp, blue tablecloth, blue sheet… whatever!), and make your voice heard around the world!

Check out this incredible video made with award-winning cinematographer Doug Crawford and the kids from the SFAI Youth Mentorship Program!


For more information, please contact the SFAI at (505) 424-5050 or sfai.org

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