Taiwan Ministry of Culture Fellowship


Applications for the 2018 Fellowship are now closed, visit this site for future announcements about the 2019 Fellowship.

The Ministry of Culture, Republic of China (Taiwan) will support one Taiwanese artist, writer, or curator for a 3 month residency at SFAI. This residency is a significant opportunity to connect with the international art community through interacting with artists, curators, and art critics from other countries. This fellowship includes support for travel and residency fees in addition to a monetary stipend.

For more information, please contact Philip Jongeng Liu at philip@moc.gov.tw.


Yu-Hsuan (Frida) Wu

I’d rather be a mute, so I can be penetrated by everything and emotions, without saying a word. However, nothing will walk into me if I don’t walk towards them. Thus, I have to turn into all sorts of containers, receiving children’s hearts, the echo of caves, the scent of earth in a spring storm, the silence from people holding back their tongue, the human nature that art reveals……. The me that write poems is a kind of container, dancing butoh is another, and being a mother is another container. I wanna be like the French poet Rimbaud, if what he brings back from down there has form; if it is formless, he gives formlessness. I have published two books by Chinese-English bilingual combine photography with poetry, The World Without Names, and Escaping life, a collection of poems, Exchanging Lovers’ Ribs, and one book about cinema, Decaying Anywhere: 99 Love Letters from a Movie Fan, and a book combine photography with essays, Living in Nowhere.