Harpo Fellowship

Image Credit: Nick Rivers

The Harpo Foundation Emerging Artist Fellowship Residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute is a prestigious award established in 2013 to provide an emerging visual artist with strong artistic ability and an evolving practice, the space and time to explore ideas and start new projects in a residency context at a pivotal moment in their professional development.




This award is open to international applicants who are self-defined under-recognized* visual artists** over the age of 25 and not enrolled in a degree program at the time of the application deadline.

*To determine whether an artist is “under-recognized” the selection committee looks at an artist’s resume and overall presence in the field. If they see that the artist has already achieved a certain amount of prominence and recognition because they have (1) presented their work at venues such as major museums, art centers, international biennales, (2) received multiple notable awards and grants, (3) enjoy the representation of a prominent commercial gallery, they would likely not consider the applicant to be “under-recognized” by the field. As a general rule, the HARPO Foundation prefers that their funding go toward providing opportunities and encouragement to artists who have yet to receive this level of support.

**Visual Artists (e.g., Painting, Illustration, Sculpture, Photography, Printmaking). Creative writing, dance, theater, film, digital/new media, performance art, and site specific installation art fall outside the purview of the HARPO Foundation. However, a proposal with an interdisciplinary approach may be considered as long as it has a strong visual art component.

Applications open August 1, 2018, the application deadline is October 1, 2018 (Midnight). Letters of Recommendation Deadline: October 8,2018 (Midnight).

The application requires a project proposal, 5-10 work samples, artist biography, CV/Resume, and 2 letters of recommendation from professional references.

The annual Artist Fellow receives a one-month residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute, which includes a private room and bath, a semi-private studio space, access to common facilities and basic tools, breakfast food items, two communal meals, and a $500 travel stipend.

The residency will take place in either September, October, or November 2019. The HARPO Emerging Artist Fellow is not required to engage the 2019 residency theme, “Truth & Reconciliation,” but may do so at their discretion. Ultimately, the semi-structured programming and unique environment at SFAI allows the Artist Fellow to be as interactive or private as they wish with other residents. All other expenses, materials, and equipment are the responsibility of the fellow.

In addition to the $35 application fee, SFAI requires a refundable $150 security deposit to be paid upon acceptance.

The only required outcome is for the Fellow to submit 5 images of work made during the residency and a statement of impact. For more information about the HARPO Foundation and past recipients of the Emerging Artist Fellowship Residency, please visit their website at www.harpofoundation.org.


Ssu-ya Hsiung / 2018

Ssu-ya Hsiung is a performance and jewelry artist based in Brooklyn. Working through installations and performance with multiple mediums and materials. Her interests lie in showing the escapism from the reality that she is unwilling to stay in. Through her practice, she aims to negate our personal responsibility and to avoid the discomfort of existential angst that we all must deal with. She runs away from unpleasant thoughts by creating her own fantasy with personal connection physically and emotionally.

Ssu-ya was born and raised in Taiwan. She received her MFA from Visual and Performance Art and majored in metalsmithing at Syracuse University. After she mastered the majority technique of metal, she shifted her interest to performance art by using her own body to express emotions and discovered the different concepts and meanings behind multiple mediums of the art.


Mr. Rivers’ artwork moves between the universal and the specific and reflects a search for experience, possibility, and meaning. The artist writes, “I see myself as a construction worker who has chosen to challenge his own buildings. Within the frame of masculinity and the body, I dream of love, creation, decay, and violence. I question why one should build anything at all. Yet, somewhere between the universal and the specific lay a reconciliation of the sacred; that sinuous tether which binds all people as one.”




Annesofie Sandal / 2016 

Annesofie Sandal (b.1977, Seoul, South Korea) lives and works in Copenhagen and New York. She holds a MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Visual Arts in Copenhagen. Beside her individual praxis, she is founder and member of the exhibition group Island Life with Charlotte B. Johansen, Christina Hamre and Nanna Starck with whom she still collaborates. In between solo projects she organizes group shows with a roster of international artists. More info can be found on Sandaleum.org.