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Tilt Podcast / Episode 3

Liminality, Disembodiment & Conspicuous Concealment

For Episode 3 of our Tilt Podcast, SFAI Residency Director Toni Gentilli talks with 2020 Labor Residents May Maylisa Cat, Millian Pham Lien Giang, and Mimi Bai. May, Millian, and Mimi are all Asian diasporic artists working to navigate and give form to the invisible and emotional labor of assimilation, codeswitching, and cultural production and consumption in America. They discuss how their creative practices help them to heal and transform the traumatic intergenerational experiences of being estranged, exoticized, and excluded by colonial, patriarchal, and capitalist systems.

Launch Date

September 7
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Millian Pham Lien Giang

2020 Labor Resident