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Performance Art at SFAI — Sara Madandar & Minoosh Zomorodinia


SFAI Equal Justice Residents, Sara Madandar and Minoosh Zomorodinia, are US-based artists from Iran. They will perform a participatory piece on May 22nd at 6:30pm at SFAI.

Sara Madandar will perform My Body Is My Home. This will be an hour and a half long presentation, Sara will perform for 15 minutes while also allowing space for the audience to engage in the overall presentation.

Memorial Lands is a participatory performance piece. Minoosh Zomorodinia as an immigrant looking for home by walking in different places. She takes maps of her walks around SFAI and creates a new place inside the gallery and marks the land by flags made of different materials. By using technology Minoosh Zomorodinia challenges notions of power and ownership— our ownership of technology and of the land itself. Audience members are invited to join her and mark the land to create a territory by flags.

Sara Madandar received her MFA from the University of Texas at Austin and her BA in painting from Art and Architecture Azad University of Tehran. Her work is often about the relationship of humans to their bodies and covers. Her most recent accolade was an award from the Texas Visual Artists Association (TVAA) in their 2016 exhibition in Dallas. She has also won a 2015 award, curated by Jessica Beck of the Andy Warhol museum, from the Southeastern College Art Conference. Sara’s work has been featured in three solo shows in Austin, at venues such as Co-Lab, Mom Gallery, and Courtyard Gallery. Some of her work was also featured in Austin City Hall, Elizabeth Ney Museum and Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans.

Minoosh Zomorodinia is an Iranian-born interdisciplinary artist who employs video, photography, installations and performance to make visible for audiences the emotional and psychological reflections of her mind’s eye in her surroundings. Her work exposes and experiments with humanity’s relationship to the natural world. She has received several awards and residences and exhibited locally and internationally. She is currently Affiliate Artist at Headlands Center for the Arts in the Bay Area.