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Tilt Podcast / Episode 1

How White People Can Join the Fight for Racial Justice

SFAI presents a conversation on how white people can join the fight for racial justice through self-education, a culture of empathy, and community building with the arts.
Featuring Toni Gentilli, SFAI Residency Director, in conversation with Equal Justice Alum Ann Lewis, Labor Alum Lori Waselchuk, and Truth and Reconciliation Alum Sara Konrath.

Launch Date

July 6 (9am/MT)

The participating artists for this podcast are donating their SFAI stipends, in the amount of $450, to the following organizations.

Anti-Racism Fund / St. Louis, MO

The Anti-Racism Fund takes action by providing capital to select organizations as a way to inject social change and take action to address systemic racism.

Anti-Racism Fund

Amistad Law Project / Philadelphia, PA

Founded in October 2014, Amistad Law Project (ALP) advocates for the recognition of the human rights of all people and believes in the intersection of movements against systemic oppression. ALP consists of attorneys, activists, and organizers. We are prison abolitionists who view the prison industrial complex as directly related to the massive divestment from our communities the things that make them safe and strong. We believe that good public education, affordable health care, healthy and affordable food, safe and affordable housing, and the ability to care for our families, no matter what they look like, are human rights.

Amistad Law Project

Kheprw Institute / Indianapolis, IN

Community empowerment through self-mastery. We believe the greatest resource in any community is its people. They possess talents, gifts and abilities of enormous potential. However, in marginalized communities this significant asset is often limited or undervalued due to much of the people’s creativity, ingenuity and time being directed at surviving. A more just, equitable, human-centered world is fundamental to providing everyone an environment in which they have opportunities to bring forth the best that is within them, to become self-actualized and to contribute their genius to bettering their community and the world.

Kheprw Institute
Anti-Racism Resources
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As SFAI navigates these uncertain times, we face new fiscal challenges. We are seeking support for this programming and ongoing operational costs — a portion of these donations will go to participating artists.

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Ann Lewis

Sara Konrath