Dr. T. Allan Comp – Art, Science and Recovery: a Santa Fe River Exploration

Dr. T. Allan Comp

Environmental Scientist
Dr. T. Allan Comp

What: T. Allan Comp Lecture
Where: Tipton Hall
When: 6pm Friday, August 26
How Much: $10 general | $5 students/seniors/educators

What: Art, Science and Recovery: a Santa Fe River Exploration Workshop
Where: Various points along the Santa Fe River/Watershed & SFAI
When: 9am-5pm Sat August 27 9am-noon Sun August 28
How Much: $200 (sliding scale fees available!)
Contact Cathy at (505) 424-5050 or info@sfai.org to register

What: T. Allan Comp & Bobbe Besold Exhibition
Where: SFAI
When: M-F 9am-5pm August 12 – August 26
How Much: FREE!

The Santa Fe Art Institute is pleased to present Environmental Leader Dr. T. Allan Comp to give a lecture and then lead an incredible two-day workshop exploring the Santa Fe Watershed and the linkages among the Arts and Sciences in addressing the river — all part of our ongoing season of visiting artists and exhibitions Half Life: Patterns of Change. In addition, the results of this group-workshop-exploration will be up at the SFAI through September 16th.

About T. Allan Comp:
Dr. T Allan Comp holds a Ph.D. in history and is based in Washington D.C. He is the founding director of AMD&ART, a project that ran from 1994-2005. AMD stands for Acid Mine Drainage, and the project was managed in the Appalachian Region in the coal country of southwestern Pennsylvania. AMD is a metals-laden water, which seeps from abandoned coal mines and coats stream beds, and is the often the cause of the desolation of entire watersheds. The project pioneered the engagement of artists and scientists as equals in reclamation and received several awards including the 2005 EPA Phoenix Award, which was the first national EPA Brownfields award presented for community impact on mine-scarred lands. Comp now works in the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Office of Surface Mining. He has said that, “it’s not the water that’s the problem, it’s us. And if we fix us, we’ll start fixing the water.”

Art, Science and Recovery: a Santa Fe River Exploration Workshop
In collaboration with the Santa Fe watershed Association and the Railyard Stewards
Start with a Friday evening presentation at SFAI by award-winning workshop leader T. Allan Comp, who will discuss his pioneering work in bringing artists and scientists together to address significant environmental challenges. Then join Allan and others for an experience in collaboration and trans-disciplinary exploration of our own Santa Fe River Watershed. On Saturday from 9 AM to about 5 PM, we will explore the many parts of our own river/watershed with special guest presenters at several locations. On Sunday, from 9 AM until about noon, we will gather to map what we have seen, see where collaboration might take us and perhaps create our own artful response to the tour and discussions. Please join our exploration of the ways the Arts and the Sciences together can collaborate to create a better future.

About Half Life: Patterns of Change:
Cycles of Creation, Decay, and Renewal in Art and Life
When an object or system stops performing its assigned function in contemporary society, we tend to replace it rather than repair it. However, artists redefine useless as useful by creating a new life for objects, and that renewed life alters the role of these objects entirely. Artists work similar magic with degraded landscapes, blighted neighborhoods, and other systems—infusing them with new purpose and expanding the potential for positive change. Ideally, this change is accomplished with the participation of the surrounding communities—transforming not only objects and systems, but also the communities themselves.

About the SFAI:
Founded in 1985, the Santa Fe Art Institute’s mission is to promote art as a positive social force — both in our community and around the world — and to highlight art as a powerful tool for facilitating dialogue, bridging perspectives, and evoking visions of a better future.

About the Santa Fe Watershed Association:
The Santa Fe Watershed Association is working to restore the Santa Fe River and its watershed through advocacy, education, and hands-on restoration work. They advocate for policies that will restore the Santa Fe River to a level of ecological health that sustains wildlife, trees and plants, and increases our ground water. The SFWSA’s programs both restore and build support for a healthy river through education and activities that connect people to their watershed.

About the Railyard Stewards:
The Railyard Stewards is a local organization working in partnership with the City of Santa Fe in a unique care, conservation and education effort to encourage residents to actively participate in our newest and largest city park and adjacent community plaza. The Stewards was originally a program under the nonprofit Trust for Public Land. The Railyard Stewards serve as the community ‘friends of’ group of the Railyard Park + Plaza in Santa Fe.

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