Join Us in Creating a Community of Artists

Creating a community of artists for the healing of Mother-Earth

band aid earth

A community building workshop

Saturday, October 10th

We must trust in our own innate beauty and goodness and as artists and learn to work collaboratively to begin the healing of the earth and the restoration of our world.

Using the Cob natural building process, we will work together in earth to create a 2 by 2 healing image, or an image as a wake up call to mindfully pay attention to the great tragedy of this time in American history

“Holy Earth how can we heal you? We cover you like blight…Strange birds of appetite. If I had a heart I would cry.” –Joni Mitchell in a recent CD

We will lay our bodies on the earth for guidance and for images and then begin to play together in the mud and create an awesome sculpture. [You can do this today and bring your ideas] on October 10th from 10 am to 4pm at the Santa Fe Art Institute on the College of Santa Fe Campus at 1600 St.Michaels Drive.

Artists are some of the best thinkers in the world and yet we’ve been marginalized by the culture to only make art to sell and not be part of the bigger picture of changing the dark culture of corporate Nuevo Fascism.

“Yes our work on Earth is different. Some of us broadcast some of write, some of us dig, and some of us sing. But our real mission on this planet is the same. We are here to love and respect one another and share each other’s happiness, grief and melancholy. We are here to give to each other a part of our own being, in a non selfish and loving way.” –Bob Barth news director of KVSF

For more info, call us at 505 424-5050 or email us at

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