CEC ArtsLink Fellows to Speak on November 4th!



SANTA FE, NM – SITE Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Art Institute are pleased to announce that they will collaborate in conjunction with CEC ArtsLink to host two Fellows for five weeks beginning in October 2010.

Azat Sagrsyan

SITE and SFAI are delighted to host Azat Sargsyan (Arts Manager/Curator, Armenia). As director and co-founder of the Gyumri Center of Contemporary Art (GCCA) and the Gyumri Biennial, Sargsyan is interested in how biennials and non-profit arts organizations fundraise, structure residency programs and collaborate with international institutions. Sargayan will be in residence at the Santa Fe Art Institute from 10/14 – 11/17. In addition to curating the work of hundreds of international artists for the Biennial and GCCA, Sargsyan has co-edited several arts magazines, including Art Today and Cord, which covers the arts of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Mykola Ridnyi

Mykola Ridnyi (multi-media artist, Ukraine) will be in residency with the Santa Fe Art Institute from 10/14 – 11/7, and will learn about and work with the Youth Education & Outreach program. Multimedia artist and founder of the SOSka gallery-laboratory in Kharkiv, Ridnyi aims to create an alternative to the commercial art market in Ukraine as well as examine social and cultural differences between youth culture in the East and West. Ridnyi’s work has been exhibited in Europe, Russia and the US, and through SOSka he has developed a series of exhibitions, lectures, screenings and workshops. He hopes to engage in collaborations with American social practice artists, curators and educators.

Both fellows will speak about their work on Thursday, November 4, 6pm, at Tipton Hall, and will attend a host of interesting cultural events while in Santa Fe. Admission to talk is free, and both artists will talk about their past and current work as well as their experiences and upcoming projects.

ArtsLink Residencies offers artists and arts managers from eligible overseas countries a five-week residency at an established, non-profit arts organization in the US. The program is designed to create opportunities for artists and communities across the US to share artistic practices with artists and arts managers from abroad and engage in dialogue that advances understanding across cultures.

CEC ArtsLink is pleased to announce this year’s residency placements for the nineteen ArtsLink Residencies Fellows. For five weeks this fall the Fellows will be immersed in the lively dialogue and cultural activities of the renowned non-profit arts organizations, universities and the local communities. ArtsLink Residencies awards provide funding to the host organizations to cover the living, working and materials costs for the ArtsLink Fellows’ residencies, as well as modest administrative expenses.

The following ten organizations will be first-time ArtsLink hosts this year: the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, Dayton Visual Arts Center, Experimental Station, the Getty Research Institute, Houston Center for Photography, Open Letter Books, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Phoenix Urban Research Lab, SITE Santa Fe, and UnionDocs. We wholeheartedly welcome them to the ArtsLink community!

The Fellows will be in the US from October 11th to November 20th and at their host sites from October 14th to November 17th, 2010. ArtsLink Residencies offer opportunities for U.S. audiences to engage with international artists and share experiences and ideas. During their residencies, ArtsLink Fellows may develop community-based projects, present new trends from young artists in their region to the public, and initiate collaborative projects with U.S. artists that can potentially be realized through additional ArtsLink Awards funding.

We encourage you to learn more about them on the website .

2010 ArtsLink Fellows and Host Placements

18th Street Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA
Gabriela Tudor Memorial Fellow Irina Cios (Romania), director, ICCA–Bucharest

California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA
Stefan Rusu (Moldova), curator, Center for Contemporary Art–Chisinau

Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University, Raleigh-Durham, NC
Munkhzul Chuluunbat (Mongolia), director, Globe Art Center and Gal Pictures

Dayton Visual Arts Center, Dayton, OH
Liliana Basarab (Bulgaria), multimedia artist and sculptor

Experimental Station, Chicago, IL
Marina Naprushkina (Belarus), multimedia artist

The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA
Yuliya Sorokina (Kazakhstan), independent curator and Chair of Asia Art +
Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX
Alexander Ugay (Kazakhstan), photographer and video artist

Independent Curators International, New York, NY
Virginia Januškevičt (Lithuania), curator, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

International Studio & Curatorial Program, Brooklyn, NY
Svetlana Kyuymdzhieva (Bulgaria), art critic and curator, Zeniths Gallery

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York, NY
Kristaps Gulbis (Latvia), public artist

Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
Margareta Lekić (Croatia), sculptor and installation artist

Open Letter Books, Rochester University, Rochester, NY
Yana Genova (Bulgaria), director, Next Page Foundation
(Residency deferred from 2009)

Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR
Zoran Poposki (Macedonia), public multimedia artist

Phoenix Urban Research Laboratory, Phoenix, AR
Vala Osmani (Kosovo), co-director, Station Center for Contemporary Art

Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM
Mykola Ridnyi (Ukraine), multimedia artist

SITE Santa Fe and Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM
Azat Sargsyan (Armenia), director, GCCA and Gyumri Biennial

SPACES, Cleveland, OH
Jerzy Golszewski (Poland), sculptor

UrbanDocs, Brooklyn, NY
Alban Muja (Kosovo), multimedia artist and filmmaker

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA
Rael Artel (Estonia), independent curator

ArtsLink Residencies are funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Trust for Mutual Understanding, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the Ohio Arts Council, the Kettering Fund, and the individual supporters of CEC ArtsLink, with additional support from the Polish Cultural Institute and the Romanian Cultural Institute. The Gabriela Tudor Memorial Exchange Program is an initiative of the Gabriela Tudor Foundation and CEC ArtsLink and is funded by the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York and Bucharest and the Trust for Mutual Understanding. We greatly appreciate all of our funders’ support and dedication to the arts.

SITE Santa Fe creates significant experiences for its visitors by presenting the most innovative
visual art of our time in new and engaging ways. Its International Biennial, year-round exhibitions,
and educational programs expand the creative and intellectual potential of its audience
and carry forward the region’s tradition of fostering avant-garde art.

Since opening in July 1995, SITE Santa Fe has regularly held guest-curated international biennial
exhibitions, each of which has drawn global attention and engaged the community with
important contemporary art from around the world. The success of the first biennial influenced
SITE to expand its programming to include three to five exhibitions per year, often accompanied
by highly acclaimed catalogues. SITE’s exhibitions, Art & Culture series of lectures and performances,
and extensive education and outreach programs serve 20,000 to 30,000 international,
national, and local visitors annually. SITE’s Eighth International Biennial, The Dissolve, remains on view through January 2, 2010. www.sitesantafe.org; www.thedissolve.net

The Santa Fe Art Institute takes as its mission an exploration of the interconnections of contemporary art and society. By bringing together prominent individuals and institutions in the arts, sciences, and humanities, SFAI enlivens local, national, and international discourse through residencies, lectures, workshops, publications, exhibitions, and educational and outreach programming. Nurturing artists and providing a stimulating, creative atmosphere for their work serves society in an essential way and gives artists the support necessary to take risks and explore possibilities.www.sfai.org; www.sfaiblog.org

CEC ArtsLink is an international arts organization. Our programs encourage and support exchange of artists and cultural managers in the United States and abroad. We believe that the arts are a society’s most deliberate and complex means of communication, and that artists and arts administrators can help nations overcome long histories of reciprocal distrust, insularity and conflict.
With solid expertise and lasting partnerships in 32 countries, CEC ArtsLink promotes communication and understanding through innovative, mutually beneficial collaborative projects. CEC was founded in 1962 to enable citizens of the United States and the Soviet Union to accomplish what their governments could not – opening doors, sharing ideas and building mutual trust. In today’s transformed and complex world, citizen diplomacy is still urgently needed.

Find SITE Santa Fe, the SFAI, and CEC ArtsLink on Facebook and Twitter.

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