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Let’s Envision Midtown Santa Fe

by Jamie Blosser, SFAI Executive Director In case you didn’t see My View in the Santa Fe New Mexican this past Sunday, September 22, please read below for SFAI’s vision for Midtown! The Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) is one of the few organizations still in operation on the Midtown Site (formerly known as the […]

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THE BIWEEKLY / Art of Change 2019

  By Jamie Blosser, SFAI Executive Director Greetings! Welcome to The Biweekly – a new monthly addition to your inbox from SFAI. Each month The Biweekly will include reflections on what we do at SFAI and why, and exciting or challenging connections between our work, our community, and the world. This month I’m thinking about […]

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BLOG Ancestral Ink: Honoring Indigenous Tattoo Traditions

BLOG Ancestral Ink / Honoring Indigenous Tattoo Traditions by Ginger Dunnill Indigenous traditional tattooing has once again become a living culture and is playing a role in the re-indigenizing of native peoples throughout the world. The decision to wear a marking of the ancestors is a very personal one and comes with responsibility that requires […]

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BLOG: Time Moves On and Change is Constant

Time moves on and change is constant. Reflecting on the city’s growth and urban development, I think back on the time when I was a child. I grew up north of Santa Fe. I saw the town as a special place built for people to enjoy.  I recall those days that our family walked around […]

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Blog: Imagining an Ancient Western

When I first came to SFAI’s Truth & Reconciliation Residency to learn about the local history and write my film essay Muntu Child, I wasn’t fully aware — perhaps due to my fascination for the unfamiliar landscape —that New Mexico was the wild wild west of the old Hollywood films. The films that helped create […]

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Blog: May you live in interesting times

“May you live in interesting times…” I’ve always found that saying to be strangely provocative –purportedly a curse, it has always seemed to me to be a challenge to engage with rather than a curse under which to cower. We are certainly living in interesting times! W.H. Auden said that “Poetry (and by extension, Art) […]

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Blog: Art & Social Engagement

Image: Varuni Kanagasundaram  In anticipation of the upcoming launch of the 2019 Story Maps Fellowship program and SFAI’s Platform event on Feb. 22, Toni and Winoka sat down to discuss the positive impacts and challenges of making art in response to social issues and in collaboration with community. TG: Maybe we can start with what […]

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Blog: The Paradox of Creativity

It was unexpectedly fitting that on the last evening of my residency at SFAI, I met artist and historian Nell Painter and took part in a panel discussion with her and other residents about making art and maintaining resilience in the art world. Dr. Painter’s highly acclaimed book, Old in Art School, lifts this veil […]

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Blog: Buffalo Fire Women Project

“Grandma’s Pottery,” photo taken and titled by Tasha Nelson, Santa Clara Pueblo In March 2017, I received a letter from the Fulbright Foundation in Greece, asking me to sign a “Grant Agreement.” I had to read it twice or more to realize what it meant, and even then I still could not believe it was […]

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