May 12, Birds in the Park

Birds in the Park Installation

SFAI (exterior, front entrance), May 12, 2009 9am – 5pm FREE
Made from porcelain and printed with cobalt blue, these birds are, in a sense, carrier pigeons, carrying images and text related to war and peace side by side. Inherent to this work is the question, what kind of future do memories create? Layering newspaper articles and photographs from the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, with poetry and other evidences of the strength and depth of our common humanity, Hengst explores how we are connected, and also the unthinkable ways in which that bond is disregarded.

Hengst Bio:
For twenty years, visual artist, Christy Hengst’s work has followed a double track of more intimate art meant for inside, and site-specific art out in the public realm. Solo shows of Hengst’s paintings have been presented in museums and galleries in the US, Germany, and Ecuador. Public art projects have spanned the range from a guerilla text installation to elaborately tiled bus shelters. Hengst lives in Santa Fe and has two children.

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