Weaver & Duffield /
Rachel Lin Weaver

Rachel Lin Weaver creates works that span video, installation, sound, and performance. She uses a mix of experimental documentary, performative, and parafictional strategies, and her artworks explore memory, the human and the nonhuman, landscapes and people in flux, and ecological systems. Her creative interests relate directly to her upbringing in wilderness areas and rural communities in poverty, and she finds many useful metaphors in the natural world. Weaver’s works have been exhibited in numerous cities in the US, as well as in Mexico, Canada, Belize, the UK, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Hungary, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Colombia, Argentina, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, India, Tunisia, Nigeria, Iran, Israel, and Qatar. She was awarded residencies at the Santa Fe Art Institute, the University of Utah Taft Nicholson Center for Environmental Humanities, the Icelandic Textiles Center, and The Weight of Mountains Filmmaking Residency program.


Water Rights 2016/2017




Bloomington, IN USA