Valentine Cadieux

Professor Valentine Cadieux is Director of Environmental Studies and Sustainability at Hamline University. Using art and science approaches to society-environment relations and specifically the political ecology and moral economy of agrifood systems, she builds publicly-engaged participatory research and exploration processes for people to learn together about differing ways of understanding environments, and to practice performing, justifying, and evaluating environmental and food system values in collaborative ways.
Her research and teaching focus on how social and environmental practices can help people negotiate aspirations for equitable, healthy, and sustainable food systems and residential landscapes. She has developed a public Food and Society Workshop for building collaborative knowledge tools that help communities renovate food systems. These tools focus on valuing existing community assets and capacity — and on understanding what practices can make food chain relationships sustainable and just, and can repair social and ecological traumas that have resulted from food production and distribution methods.


Truth & Reconciliation 2018/2019



St. Paul, MN USA