Sean W. Connelly

Sean Connelly is a Pacific Islander American1 architect, artist, and urban ecologist. He holds a Doctorate of Architecture from the University of Hawai‘i and a Master in Design in Landscape, Urbanism, and Ecology from Harvard University. Sean is the author and producer of Hawai’i Futures, a virtual intervention for island urbanism. The project is often referenced as an education tool in curriculum around Hawai‘i and beyond, including the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Sean’s work also includes the sculptures A Small Area of Land for ii Gallery, and Land Division for the Honolulu Museum of Art. As well as recent projects for the Honolulu Biennial, and Contact Hawai’i. Forthcoming projects include a new-media anthology titled Hydraulic Islands.


Water Rights 2016/2017



Kaneohe, HI USA