Sarah Habib

Sarah Sao Mai Habib is an artist of many mediums, community organizer, and architectural designer; a true weaver. She is grounded by the intersections of her identity; a diasporic product of war, colonization and mass migration with known ancestral roots in the Middle East and Far East Asia.
Her interest in the notions of home, dignity and healing leads her to explore how land and the built environment interface with our struggles for liberation and joyous living, as well as intersectional, new, and ancient ways of community building. Her work also explores mutuality and reciprocity in love and labor, communal multi-generational healing, and reconciling the binaries of: multiple identities and cultures, reflection and action, past and present, mind/body/spirit/nature beyond constructed borders.
As an artist in residence at SFAI she will explore root causes and large scale truth & reconciliation acts as foundational first steps to healing, justice and dismantling all forms of oppression. This exploration is meant to assist creating autonomous and empowering processes and spaces for this truth telling and healing to occur.
Sarah received a Bachelors in Art & Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University and a Masters of Architecture from Columbia University.


Truth & Reconciliation 2018/2019


Santa Barbara, CA USA