RYAN! Feddersen & Brock P Johnson

Tacoma-based creatives RYAN! Feddersen (Colville) b.1984 and Brock P. Johnson b.1982, have been artistically mixing for longer than they knew. Their interests in unorthodox conversations, active engagement, improving the situation and disproving their programing have been ideologically parallel pursuits carried out through different creative and academic disciplines. RYAN! is a mixed-media installation artist who specializes in interactive and immersive artworks that invite audience engagement. Her work draws on the indigenous traditions of performance, communal / experiential practice, and social engagement. Her work investigates ways of creating content through the intrinsic or connotative properties of materials paired with imagery and action. In Brock’s writing, lyrics, and speeches, he creates complex narratives that breakdown societal deception and cognitive dissonance, and, particularly in the form of his speeches, directly antagonizes the master narrative. His work embraces radical honesty and absurdism to create surrealist diatribes that sew together, history, politics, philosophy, religion, pop culture, and auto-biography. Drawn to their respective creative practices, they have supported each other’s projects in a variety of roles throughout their seven-year personal partnership. As their practices have grown and developed through many projects and great conversations, so has their desire to work together in ever more collaborative ways.


Truth & Reconciliation 2018/2019




Tacoma, WA USA