Liberation or Death/
Thabi [Nthabiseng] Mooi
Tom Fassaert

Thabi and Tom have been working together for almost 10 years now. On film, theatre and hybrid location based productions. Tom graduated as a documentary filmmaker at the Dutch Film Academy, Thabias a theatre director at the Theatre Academy, both in Amsterdam. Both directors are driven by amutual fascination for the continuos human struggle to root, attach and find love and solace. They always start with individual histories that personally touch them, and then search for appropriateforms to elevate these stories into universal works of art. Over the past couple of years their work has developed towards a growing focus on their own personal family histories. Recently they finished Tom’s long term documentary film ‘A Family Affair’. It focussed on thegrandmother of Tom’s own family and the generational impact she had, even ‘till this present. Thegreat international succes of this documentary (18 international awards and more than 70 festivalselections) showed them how such an intimate theme could touch a very diverse audience.This film very much intensified Thabi and Tom’s collaboration and paved the road to Thabi’s very personal location based theatre- and film installation ‘Route Mortel’. An audio visual experience onthe way we all struggle dealing with death. A project based on Thabi’s own experiences followingthe recent death of her younger brother Andrew. Both projects opened the door to a further exploration of their own roots. This is when ‘Liberation or Death’, the story of Thabi’s father Kenneth, was born.


Truth & Reconciliation 2018/2019



Amsterdam, The Netherlands