Lacey McRae Williams

As a professional planner I work as a liaison to pro-actively engage members of the community who may have been overlooked in the planning process. I work hard to connect community members to act within current planning projects, and pitch creative strategies to policy-makers and council members to rethink the way projects unfold. Since graduating from planning school and working for two years in the private urban planning sector I realized there were fundamental gaps in the development and consultation process. In order to develop on the land we must consider and listen to whose land it is we are planning for and developing on, so have began building strong relationships with a number of First Nations community members, artists, activists and Elders. Over the last six years I have been exploring a variety of creative strategies to share the buried stories of place (ecological and cultural); those that have been forgotten or erased by development. I would like to continue to push the envelope in terms of how we plan cities, small towns, and remote areas focusing on the potential for art and water to connect across disciplines, backgrounds, and opinions.


Water Rights 2016/2017



Ladysmith, BC Canada