Kristin Thacher

Kristin Thacher was the owner of Mountain Workshop in Cedar Crest, NM. She learned to make pottery 50 years ago as an apprentice at studio potteries in Illinois and Vermont.  She has taught ceramic classes for children and adults. Her prize-winning work has been exhibited in shows and galleries in NM, AZ, OK, VT, WI, and WV.

Fifty years later, I have shifted my creative vision from the three-dimensional into the omni-dimensional worlds of mokuhanga, kirigami, suminagashi, and works on paper. As an artist, I experiment with combinations of my woodblock prints, linocuts, photographs, paper marbling, hand-made oriental papers and anything that makes marks. As a poet, I was honored in 2019 to exhibit a poem in the Palace Press Poetry Broadside Print Show at El Zaguan in Santa Fe.  For me, one step leads to another in the endless, unwinding pathway of artwork and wordwork. There is no map. There is no destination. Each day is a new discovery.


Water Rights 2016/2017



Cedar Crest, NM USA