Klaus Hu

Klaus Hu works with painting and photography that penetrate and complement each other, questioning representation and its cultural codes. While the digital archive counter acts as memory and as source for some of his compositions, the recent series “UNSETTLED LANDSCAPES” 2013/15 is a real time investigation into the subject of “landscape” via photographic research and refined on the plane of the canvas. Working with subjects for a limited time-span, altering and questioning the painting process, his subjects and middle to large size paintings emphasize this contradiction of narrative representation and abstraction.

His main subjects of interest in the studio and research practice, as context and as process are:
1: strata / geology / genealogy of history
2: the digital / the sensual / appropriation
3: landscape / the Anthropocene / conflicts on resources
4: escapism / otherworldly / sci-fi and narrative territories






Berlin, Germany