Katie Green

Katie Green’s artistic practice focuses on visual arts in the form of painting/drawing, large-scale mural installations, and most recently mask and puppetry. Green is interested in how public work alters the landscape of an individual’s community, not only through the physical transformation of a mundane object (may it be a wall or a structure), but more importantly through the way the public constructs that community in their minds. For the past five years, Green’s professional artistic endeavours have been focused primarily on murals, both locally and internationally. Her process often includes community-driven workshops to develop content and teach mural painting techniques. This has helped Green build a deeper consideration of how her artistic practice integrates into spaces where there is a shared viewership between artist and public. Through Green’s recent investigation into mask making and puppetry, she has become further interested in deepening the relational aspects of her work by layering visual art with performative practice. Rather than exploring ‘performance’ literally as a presentation in a theatre, she is interested in investigating the different forms of interactivity that take place when I both build and embody a puppet or mask. Green is curious to explore how mask making and puppetry can expand her public art practice beyond murals into one where performance becomes a key component in creating a multifaceted relationship with the public she is engaging.


2018 Creative Access Fellowship




Calgary, AB Canada