Júlia Pontés

Júlia Pontés is an artist, aerial photographer, and photographic printer based between São Paulo and New York.   Born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, Pontés interests are based in social justice, personal stories and the intersection between Art and Public Policy. She graduated at the International Center of Photography in 2015 where she has also worked as an Exhibition Coordinator. She has been chosen twice for the Emerging Immigrant Artist Program by the New York Foundation for the Arts, and granted a Lillian Disney Scholarship from CalArts and the Allan Sekula Social Documentary grant. Since 2015, Júlia dedicates to a project on the humanitarian and environmental devastation caused by mining in her hometown State of Minas Gerais in Brazil was discovered and recognized by Harvard University’s Planetary Alliance. Before long, images from this project were published in Bloomberg Businessweek. She has a polarized practice that involves documenting stories linked to her own life experiences and, on the other hand, a self portraiture. In both she applies experimental techniques, the use of different mediums and archive material.


2020 Labor




Miami, FL USA