Hazel Batrezchavez

Hazel Batrezchavez received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Studio Art and Anthropology from Grinnell College in 2017. Since then she has been a part of various group exhibitions and pop-up shows in the United States, specifically in California, New Mexico, Iowa, and most recently México City, and Michoacán, México. Batrezchavez is a recipient of the Center of Fine Arts, Dean’s Travel Grant Award, and of both the Lucile Lattanner Reid Brock and the Betty Sabo Scholarship. At the moment Batrezchavez is doing research on migration, and immigration at the border in El Paso and Brownsville, Texas where she is preparing for performance. She currently resides, and teaches Introduction to Art Practices and Shop Foundations course while working towards her MFA in Sculpture at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.


2019 Story Maps Fellowship




Albuquerque, NM USA