franciszka voeltz

From the crossroads of writing and social practice, franciszka voeltz writes poems to go on a portable typewriter for magnificent strangers, curates a collective poem to the entire planet, maintains an interactive daily writing practice, and facilitates community writing events and workshops. Voeltz’s chapbook All This Blue, All This Broken is available from Iron Point Press and her work has appeared in journals including Dark Mountain, Analecta Literary Journal, and Adrienne. Voeltz is the recipient of various poetry fellowships including those granted by the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, Santa Fe Art Institute, Brush Creek Arts Foundation and Art Farm. She earned an MFA in Writing from the University of California, San Diego. Voeltz sees poems as part of the muscle that works to abolish prisons, dismantle the racism and capitalism of the heteropatriarchy we live in, take down border walls and protect/redistribute resources so that all life will have what it needs to thrive.


Water Rights 2016/2017



Rutledge, MO USA