Feminist Art Museum/
Xenia Benivolski
Su-Ying Lee

The Feminist Art Museum (FAM) secures space for women (women-identified and gender non-binary people) in contemporary art. Conceived of by Toronto based curators Xenia Benivolski and Su-Ying Lee, the project is currently in the research and development phase. We are prioritizing feminist spatial practices that take responsibility to the land into account and will be foundational to our approach in working with organizations and artists to produce exhibitions, discursive events and land-based art. Rather than occupying a building, constituent art organizations across Canada come together as FAM. This allows us to avoid gentrification, and deeply consider the implications of taking up space on colonized land. FAM has an objective to produce land-art projects. The Feminist Art Museum is committed to contemporary art and its discourses with the historic, current and developing social situation of women (woman-identified and gender non-binary people) at the fore. Feminists undertake the governance, operations, curation and directorship. It is an intersectional, inclusionary organization. As such, within museum, gallery and art organizational structures we will foreground the voices and contributions of individuals with group identities that have been historically excluded, underrepresented, underserved or who have experienced inequitable access to privileges or benefits available to others. Xenia Benivolski is the founder of several collective art spaces, an international artist-in-residency program and sits on the curatorial committee for the 2017 Beijing Biennale. Su-Ying Lee is an independent curator. She has worked in a curatorial capacity in Canadian institutions and curated exhibitions across Canada and in Hong Kong.


Equal Justice 2017/2018




Toronto, ON Canada