Familiar Shapes/
Heather Freeman
Jeff Murphy

Heather Freeman and Jeff Murphy were independent visual artists met in January 2003 on an Internet dating site. In Spring 2004 they began their first collaborative effort, entitle “Fluid Dynamics”, and they were later married in July 2006. In their first series of collaborative work, Freeman and Murphy explored the physics of fluid dynamics as a metaphorical analogue to human relations. The collaborative images depict the humor and subtle nuances within relationships, including consensual voyeurism, competition and family. The final images, composed by both artists in Adobe Photoshop and printed as large works on canvas, are determined by collaborative consensus and the evolution of each image reflects even more readily the dynamics of the relationships explored. A large portion of this work was created during a collaborative artist residency in Balatonfured, Hungary. After the birth of their son Quinn, they created “Flederhund” is an interactive storybook for kids. It was inspired and driven by both their son’s desire to hear a good story. The story’s plot was a result of many conversations between the two with Heather finalizing the written portion of the book. Jeff is primarily responsible for the photographs, the image compositions and the editing in Photoshop. He also created the page layout and the printed version. Heather is responsible for the audio and animated segments. The printed version of the book is available on Amazon.com


Truth & Reconciliation 2018/2019




Charlotte, NC USA