Eva Rocha

Eva Rocha is a Brazilian, and American, multimedia artist. Personal and political realities contemporaneous with her childhood during the Brazilian dictatorship had a formative influence on the nature of her aesthetics and the concepts underlying her art. Her later experiences in performance and theater with notable international groups/dramaturges such as Peter Brook (England) and Eugenio Barba (Italy); her research as an undergrad student in Cultural Studies and Arts in Brazil, the US and Peru, and MFA from VCU School of Arts, inform her cross-disciplinary explorations. Rocha has an anthropological interest of the archiving and embodiment of cultural trauma in historic and contemporary artifacts.
Rocha’s work, which has been shown in some museums in the US and in Brazil, combines elements of performance, sculpture, and video installation to comment on the increasing process of dehumanization in the post-contemporary world, and in the defragmentation of personal/collective memory.


Equal Justice 2017/2018
Labor 2020




Richmond, VA USA