Edible Hut /
Kate Daughdrill

The Edible Hut is a community gathering space in Calimera Park on the eastside of Detroit with a living, edible roof and oculus to the sky. The Edible Hut combines elements of a traditional hut, an outdoor sculpture, a neighborhood garage and an edible garden. The roof is a garden of edible perennial plants such as sage, thyme, lavender and oregano. The inside of the space incorporates peaceful colors to create an enchanting space for gathering, rest and pleasure. The structure is situated to complement the Memory Field and the Nsoroma garden, unifying and activating the park. The Edible Hut offers a location for community activities – to find shade while gardening, serve summer lunches, hold outdoor classes, sell vegetables from the garden and come together for meals, meetings, music and shared activities.


Food Justice 2014/2015




Detroit, MI USA