Corrie Peters

Corrie Peters is an artist with a wealth of relationships. Many people have been willing to sit with her in her ignorance, her struggles and her joys. She has a socially engaged practice that knows there are undemocratic realities to relationships that echo those in the larger systems of power we live in. Corrie’s practice could be described as learning: learning how to care, learning what change looks like, and learning how the work of her hand might enact the lessons of time she has been taught. These are key component of the ethics and aesthetics of Corrie’s artwork. She has been privileged to learn how to approach art, activism, caring and helping from many on the edges of the systems of power that we all operate within. This learning can take the form of knitting together, talking on their front steps, sharing food and their lives. Corrie has recently settled on unceded Coast Salish territory in Victoria, BC. The land she is trespassing on is the home of the Lekungwen people, who now occupy the Songhees and Esquimalt reserve land a short drive from her home.


Truth & Reconciliation 2018/2019



Victoria, BC Canada