Confluence Collective/
Bobbe Besold
Alicia Marie Rencountre-Da Silva
Ahní Rocheleau
Mayumi Nishida

Confluence Collective creates Random Acts of Art at the intersection of community transformation, climate, and civil rights. Founded in late 2016 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Confluence convenes art practitioners and curators to co-conceptualize socially-engaged public space projects that extend into the community in urgent ways. We embrace visual, sound, multimedia, choral, film, body, literary, spoken word, theatrical arts to wake-up and shake-up our still somnolent world regarding environmental justice and civil rights; New Mexico’s energy sacrifice zones; the climate crisis; the sixth great extinction; and planet earth careening into oblivion with current fossil fuel and large-scale agriculture practices. We are gathering as alchemists to creatively transform in a positive manner, the texture of civic dialog. Nonviolence in image, word, and movement guides the creative drama of our investigatory approach to art, as we strive to grow the environmental movement. Confluence is guided by the principle that no people should sacrifice their health or wellbeing for the sake of under-regulated, inappropriately located, or climate-ignorant industrial development. We envision a 100% environmentally safe and habitable world for generations to come, and the consciousness required for a nonviolent/nontoxic world. The time for fossil fuels is over. The time for renewable energy is now. Confluence Collective core members participating in the Equal Justice residency include: Ahní Rocheleau (founder), Mayumi Nishida, Alicia Marie Da Silva Rencountre, Bobbe Besold, and Cate Cabot, all involved in visual and performance art. Confluence is the flowing together of separated energies, a merging force reconnecting humanity with biotic communities.


Equal Justice 2017/2018


Santa Fe, NM USA