Charbel Samuel Aoun

Born in 1980, Charbel Samuel Aoun holds a master’s degree in architecture(2004). During the following five years he worked as a conceptual designer in several architectural firms in Beirut and explored the fields of audiovisual and theater. At the same time, he started creating a wild garden, combining hundreds of varieties of plants and trees. Relation with nature and the architectural experience pushed the artist toward working with a variety of mediums such as wood sticks, manure, dust,and discarded objects. Lebanon is very diverse culturally within the spatial dimension and emotionally through time. In each period social images tends to be both poetic and catastrophic.That diversity resonates in the artist work through a variety of mediums from daily life uncovering emotions of the present as a trace of time and culture.Several collectors and institutions such as the Royal Family of Emirates, Raymond Audi, Jean Marc Decrop, Abraham Karabajakian, and the Tate Modern Museum.


Immigration / Emigration 2015/2016



Mount Lebanon, Lebanon