Burnside Farm /
Kate Daughdrill
Bel Falleiros

Kate Daughdrill and Bel Falleiros work with installation, ceremony, sculpture, plants, writing, drawing, cooking, and performance to cultivate a spirit of re-connection with ourselves, the land, and each other. Kate Daughdrill is an artist, urban farmer, and writer based in Detroit. In 2011, Kate bought a house for $600 and founded Burnside Farm, an urban farm and art ashram on the eastside of Detroit. It is the hub of her art practice and a place for artists, neighbors, and healers to come together for profound artistic experiences and soulful gatherings. Kate is currently cultivating ceremonial dinners that explore the relationship between plants, meditation, wildness, healing, and artistic energy. Her work has been exhibited internationally and has been featured in the New York Times, Dwell, and Oprah Magazine.Bel Falleiros is a Brazilian artist with a background in architecture whose artistic research originates from direct contact with the landscape–walking through it. From her hometown, São Paulo, to other places around the world, she has worked to unearth the stories and elements that constitute the identity of land. When she travels, she searches for recurrent symbols across places and cultures; she’s participated in residencies and activities to that end at the Sacatar Institute (Itaparica, Bahia), MAXXI Museum (Rome, Italy) and Pecos National Historical Park (New Mexico, U.S.A.). She is currently working on a site-specific earth work at Burnside Farm, a navel for the Land.


Equal Justice 2017/2018




Detroit, MI USA
New York, NY USA