Rick Brenner

SFAI Board Member

Business Owner

In 1978, Rick arrived in Santa Fe for a summer contract job to set up the river program for what is now the Santa Fe Mountain Center. He continued on to be the director of another outdoor education program, Sueños de Esperanza, which worked with students at Santa Fe High School. When the program lost its federal funding, Rick left Santa Fe for two years to get his MBA with a focus on public policy and management of non-profit organizations from Boston University.

Rick segued into real estate development and construction when he returned to Santa Fe. He has remained focused on this pursuit for the past three decades. His companies have developed several large lot subdivisions, mid-priced housing subdivisions and commercial developments, and built over 250 residential units Lofts. His most notable communities are River Trail Lofts and Lena Street Lofts.

Rick has also been actively involved in affordable housing efforts and has served on the Board of Directors of Youth Shelters.

Rick and his wife, Rachel, are also part owners of Iconik Coffee Roasters.

These days Rick is trying hard to spend most of his time outdoors, kayaking/rafting, skiing, running, biking, and exploring with his family.