Raquel Covarrubias

Arts Administrative Assistant

505.424.5050 ext. 1005


Raquel Covarrubias (Mexicana, Latinx) graduated with a BA in Raza / Latinx Studies from San Francisco State University with a concentration in creative writing. Her involvement in curating and publishing a student literary journal lead to continuing her education in graphic design and printmaking at Santa Fe Community College. Covarrubias also studied Latin American History at the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile and has lived and worked as an educator in Yucatan, Mexico.

While living in Oakland, Covarrubias and others in the DIY music scene saw the need for more intersectional brave spaces that were inclusive of BIP0C, the LGBTQ+ community, and folks of all bodies and abilities. She began organizing pop-up performance spaces with Voz de Lucha, a QTPOC collective, that created these platforms for expression via music, dance, visual art, and spoken word. Her time outside of Voz de Lucha was spent learning cooperative principals and practicing democratic processes at Arizmendi bakery, the worker- owned cooperative in her neighborhood. Covarrubias was also active in the fixed-gear cycling community often organizing womxn rides on her weekends.

Prior to  her arrival at SFAI, she was an integral component of the admissions process at the Institute of American Indian Arts here in Santa Fe.

Covarrubias strives to be engaged in her new community through music composition and performance, dance, and mixed media projects created at her home studio in Santa Fe.