Edie Dillman

SFAI Board Member

CEO & Co-Founder of B.Public Prefab

Edie Dillman is CEO and co-founder of B.PUBLIC Prefab – a decidedly disruptive company committed to systems changes that accelerate sustainable solutions for housing development. She is a proven leader of creative and business teams from architecture studios, graphic design to magazine publishing within a mix of companies across non-profit, government, and the private sectors. In her previous work at Innovate + Educate, she worked nationally to shift to skills-based education and employment in the critical change for equitable workforce pathways. Her co-founding of B.PUBLIC came directly from the intersection of her work in addressing the workforce skills gaps and the development of a standardized off-site construction system from her co-founder’s design practice to meet the demand for high-performance construction in markets with serious skilled labor challenges.