Drew Trujillo

SFAI Board Member

Director of Technology, Meow Wolf 

Drew Trujillo (aka Dr. Woohoo), is a 14th generation New Mexican, Santa Fe based, hybrid/generative artist, and Director of Technology at Meow Wolf. Trujillo has been lucky enough to present and share his work for worldwide and has worked for a wide range of clients including Autodesk, Adobe, Taylormade-Adidas Golf, Microsoft, and Nike Golf.

As a solo artist, Trujillo’s past abstract, generative, immersive, and hybrid artwork attempted to channel and resonate specific emotions through color and form. To do so, he developed custom applications that mimicked and mashed up systems found in nature. He also hacked into existing design, painting, and 3d software, industrial 3d printers, robots, and knitting machines in order to tap into their latent and magical capabilities.

Trujillo is currently researching and attempting to untwist his ancestry of Spanish, Aztec, and Indigenous frayed and knotted cultural threads of the last five centuries in order to understand our history through multiple perspectives and to find a common, respectful ground that speaks to the Truth. How this will be expressed creatively remains to be seen, but undoubtedly, New Mexico’s historical multi-cultural challenges and conflicts are as relevant as ever and should be create material to create from.

In addition to his individual artwork, as the Director of Tech at Meow Wolf, Trujillo has more than tripled the size of the department to 40 people within the last year and is leading the department’s effort to build the permanent exhibits in Vegas, Denver, DC, and… beyond. As a bonus, one of the benefits of this position includes the opportunity to help support STEAM based educational initiatives for SFPS and underrepresented communities by riding on the coattails of the incredible Jennifer Case Nevarez from NM TechWorks.