Ray Landy

SFAI Board Member

Designer, Retired Architect

Ray received his Bachelor’s of Architecture degree from the University of Texas at Austin and after serving for three years in the Peace Corps in Tunisia and Morocco, he pursued and received his Master’s in Architecture and Urban Design at UCLA.

With the goal of working internationally, Ray joined the architecture firm DMJM headquartered in Los Angeles where he worked for 33 years, serving as it’s President and CEO for ten years and subsequently as President of AECOM Architecture until his retirement. His relocation to New Mexico after retirement to pursue art, farming and design eventually led him to his interest in SFAI’s values, it’s mission of thematic residency programs, a commitment to maintaining and preserving the Ricardo Legoretta-designed campus as well as supporting SFAI’s key role in the incubation and implementation of Mid Town Santa Fe.

Ray was a member of SFAI’s Pivot support group prior to joining the Board.