Facility & Rental


SFAI’s distinctive, award-winning facility is a nearly 17,000 square foot complex designed by renowned Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta.

Our facilities include 12 private living quarters, 12 semi-private work studios, gallery, library, communal kitchen and dining room, and a beautiful interior courtyard — accommodating over 150 international residents and fellows annually. 

We also offer versatile rental spaces including our gallery, lobby, and courtyard, which are suitable for any event—such as banquets, fundraisers, meetings, exhibitions, and weddings. By booking an event with SFAI, you are not only supporting our mission to realize a more equitable world, you are supporting our tuition-free residencies, artist’s essential needs, and our annual programming.

For a detailed look at our available spaces, download our pdf brochure.

To reserve a rental space, please review the following information including rates, available equipment, staff support, and rental requirements, then submit the form provided below. Please note that SFAI does not offer individual or group exhibition space to the public.

During the months of April and August, SFAI does rent residential facilities for organizational retreats and long-format workshops. Please contact Nuttaphol Ma, at nma@sfai.org for further inquiries.



Facilities Available for Rent

Space / Services Event Rates Nonprofit Rates (501(c)3 certification required)
Gallery & Lobby (see floorplan) $200 / hour $75 / hour
Gallery, Lobby, & Courtyard (see courtyard floorplan) $300 / hour $125 / hour
Lobby (see floorplan) $100 / day $50 / day
Library (see floorplan) $100 / hour $50 / hour
Cleaning Fee $75* /  $20 for Library $50 / $20 for Library
Additional Setup/Breakdown, A/V and Tech Staff Support
$50 / hour $50 / hour

Event Rate and Nonprofit Rate: 1.5 hour minimum / 3 days maximum.
*25% surcharge for weddings.

Gallery, Lobby, & Courtyard — Equipment & Support Staff 

The following SFAI equipment is available and included in the rental fee:
•HD Projector, projection screen, HDMI or VGA cords
• Up to 100 chairs
• Up to 11 tables
• Up to 2 microphones with stands
• Sound system with audio mixer
• Sink and refrigerator for prep
• Up to 4 two-sided whiteboards and erasers
• Access to loading dock
• Trash and recycling bins for disposables

Basic setup and breakdown of our own chairs, tables and audio/visual equipment is included in the rental fee. These should be organized with SFAI staff and specified in the rental agreement. Staff support beyond standard setup and breakdown, or requiring staff presence during the event, is not included in the fee.

Library — Equipment & Support Staff

Library rentals are available on weekdays only, between the hours of 9am-5pm.

The following SFAI equipment is available and included in the rental fee:
• A minimum of 12 chairs / maximum of 24
• 4 conference tables that can be reconfigured for specific needs
• HD Projector, HDMI or VGA cords, projection wall
• Up to 4 two-sided whiteboards and erasers
• Trash and recycling bins for disposables

SFAI does not provide office supplies, kitchenware, refreshments, or any other meeting materials. Groups are responsible for bringing their own supplies. Kitchen access is not permitted, the kitchen is reserved for SFAI residents only. Staff support beyond projection set-up is not provided in the library rental.

Rental Requirements

Agreement & Deposit
SFAI requires a signed rental agreement and a $200 deposit at least sixty (60) days prior to event start date. SFAI reserves the right to require proof of liability and property insurance endorsed for the benefit of SFAI.

Rental fee must be paid in full at least fifteen (15) days prior to event start date. Priority is given to events that align with our mission and current institutional theme — Truth & Reconciliation.

Alcoholic Beverages
Per New Mexico State law, all private events providing alcoholic beverages to attendees must include a guest list and check-in process, and the private event cannot be advertised publicly. Alcoholic beverages at publicly-advertised events can only be served by persons possessing proper valid permits and licenses. SFAI requires submission of proof of such documentation at least fifteen (15) days prior to the event start date.

Staff Support
Staff support beyond standard setup and breakdown, or requiring staff presence during the event, is not included in the fee. Additional staff support can be arranged at $50 per hour. All support services must be requested upon scheduling your event. SFAI may not be able to accommodate last minute support requests.


SFAI’s facilities meets all ADA requirements. Because SFAI is one level without stairs or barriers, there is complete accessibility to all parking, event spaces and the main office.