SFAI’s distinctive, award-winning facility is a nearly 17,000 square foot complex designed by renowned Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta, and includes:

  • institutional offices
  • exhibition and event spaces
  • contemporary art library / conference room
  • interior courtyard
  • kitchen, dining room, and lounge

Resident Amenities

Residential life at SFAI includes:

  • 12 fully-furnished, private living quarters with a bath, linens, desk, and exterior patio
  • 12 semi-private sky-lit studios
  • interior and exterior communal work spaces
  • wet room with slop sink and basic tools
  • communal kitchen stocked with dishes, utensils, and cooking supplies; ample food storage; and breakfast foods, including, bread, eggs, cereal, oatmeal, coffee, and tea
  • free laundry facilities
  • wireless internet throughout the building

The overall physical layout of the residency space encourages daily interaction and fosters collaboration among residents.


SFAI’s facility meets all ADA requirements. Because SFAI is is one level without stairs or barriers, there is complete accessibility to all studios, living quarters, exhibition and event spaces, and our offices. SFAI also has two resident rooms each equipped with a roll-in bathroom designed specifically for easy wheelchair access, enlarged living space, and an additional bed for a personal care attendant.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe was the first city in the US to be designated as a member of the creative-cities network by UNESCO. SFAI residents have access to some of the most diverse arts and cultural activities in the United States.  Santa Fe is particularly rich with cultural activities available, such as museums, galleries, historic landmarks, unique geography, and outdoor activities.  Santa Fe is known for its patronage of contemporary art and literature and a thriving gallery scene.  Virtually every weekend of the year artists in residence can attend museum or gallery openings showcasing Santa Fe’s considerable support for the traditional arts and visionary contemporary art.