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Application: SFAI Residency | Santa Fe Art Institute

Application: SFAI Residency

The Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) is pleased to announce Equal Justice as its next residency and programmatic theme. SFAI believes deeply in the transformative power of art and working in community to provide creative solutions to complex problems. We are committed to employing the arts to promote greater equity, sustainability, and interconnectedness. We support artists, designers, and innovative thinkers who seek collective, creative action to bring awareness to the root causes of injustice and to drive systemic change.

Equal Justice at SFAI will explore and address systemic and structural issues of social inequity, both historically and in contemporary society. Equal Justice is often thought to be the basis of democratic society–yet as democracy has developed around the world, there are many governmental, societal, and trade barriers to equality such as segregation, racial profiling, gender discrimination, xenophobic policies, mass incarceration, and forced cultural assimilation. How can an exploration of true equal justice and democracy lead to an international dialogue?


From September 2017 through July 2018, SFAI programming will explore the following questions within the context of Equal Justice:

  • How can art be used to engage systems of power and foster social equity?
  • How can community action creatively address accountability and responsibility for equal justice within legal, financial, and social systems?
  • How can creative practices bear witness and give testimony to those who experience and suffer injustice, and in the process help to transform systems of structural oppression?

For more information about applying for a residency, or about how your organization can engage with this programming as a community partner,  email the Residency Program Manager at, or call 505.424.5050


At SFAI, we are artists, innovative thinkers and engaged citizens. We cultivate creative leadership and invest in community, culture, and place to re-imagine a more equitable world.

SFAI implements yearlong thematic programing that addresses pertinent questions facing diverse regional and global communities. By hosting residencies for creative practitioners, fostering partnerships with regional cultural and educational organizations, and integrating social entrepreneurial and education initiatives, SFAI aspires to transform Santa Fe into a hub for positive social change that reflects the greatest needs of our times.


Please read the Residency Information page before beginning your application. Use the process described on this page if you are applying for a general residency or the Emerging Artist Fellowship. For other residencies, visit the Residency Information page or Fellowships page.

SFAI uses an online application process using Slideroom. Mail and email applications are not accepted. Please contact  if you have questions about the application process.

150914 ApplyHere

Go to Slideroom and complete the electronic application and upload your materials.

You will be asked to provide:

Artist Statement: A brief description of your work (3,000 characters max).

Residency Proposal: A brief statement that outlines your goals and what you hope to achieve during your residency (3,000 characters max).

A current resume or CV (6,000 characters max).

Short narrative bio (1,000 characters max).

Two letters of recommendation (they are requested directly through the Slideroom app). Recommendations should come from two sources that are familiar with your work; former professors, colleagues, curators, museum directors, editors, publishers, etc.

Work sample (see below):

Visual Artist Support Materials Guidelines

10 digital images
Video Artists should submit a 5 minute segment
Title, size, and medium of images

Writer Support Materials

Writing Samples:

Fiction: 10 pages
Non-Fiction: 10 pages
Poetry: 10 poems (15 page maximum)
Drama: 10 pages of dialogue and 1 page synopsis of play
Screenwriting: 10 pages of dialogue and 1 page synopsis of script