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"The Art Institute is a center of exploration, education, experimen-
tation, conversation."
– Diane Karp,
outgoing Executive Director

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The Santa Fe Art Institute promotes art as a positive social force through residencies, lectures, studio workshops, exhibitions, community art actions, and educational outreach for adults and young people. SFAI is an environment where creativity, innovation, and challenging ideas thrive.

Santa Fe Art Institute appoints Sanjit Sethi as Executive Director

It is with great excitement that the SFAI announces that Sanjit Sethi has been named Executive Director effective August 1, 2013

Mr. Sethi joins the SFAI from the California College of Arts in Oakland, CA where he is the Barclay Simpson Chair and assistant professor of Community Arts, and Director of the Center for Art and Public Life. From 2004 through 2008 he was Director of the MFA program at Memphis College of Art. He has taught at numerous institutions including MIT's Visual Arts Program, the Art Institute of Chicago, and Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, India. He is also a practicing artist with a background in sculpture, ceramics and advanced visual studies, and has worked on projects in Canada, Ireland, Hungary, the U.K., India and the U.S.

Please read the Press release (pdf) for more information >
Learn more about Sanjit Sethi on his website:

For more info: 505 424-5050,

Diane R.Karp, Ph.D. to leave Santa Fe Art Institute.

SantaFe, NM - The board of Trustees of the Santa Fe Art Institute announced that Executive Director Diane Karp is stepping down, effective June 30, 2013.

Dr.Karp has served in this capacity since September 2001. Under her leadership, SFAI has become a dynamic presence in Santa Fe as well as a national and internationally accaimed center for innovative work and collaboration. More (pdf)>

Arts Alive! Kids Summer Camp
6/24 - 8/9

It’s that time again in the city different, and the Santa Fe Art Institute is proudly celebrating its 11th year of summer camp. We have an exciting program planned that will bring your child into a world of creative expression and summer learning.

Click here for full program, registration forms, scholarship form and all necessary information >>

New Season of Programming

Participating artists bios and more

CONTESTED SPACE will explore the complex contemporary landscape–social, political, physical, and cultural–and the arts, ideas and artists that play a major role in shaping public understanding of the powerful dynamics of those spaces.

Historically, land was the great frontier and artists had a major role in shaping public understanding of those spaces. Now the frontiers of the past have become the “contested spaces” of the present. These new frontiers are no longer just physical space, but constantly assume new morphologies–local, national, transnational, geopolitical, social, cultural, physical, virtual. At this point in time the planet has been entirely mapped and Googled and has become a globalized space that conveys the fears and hopes of humankind. Cosmic space is being unraveled and mapped and we are closing all the distances that seemed, at one point, unimaginably vast. When distance has been abolished and time and space have shrunk, can art still explore new territory? Yes, it is the territory of “contested space” in which transformation and re-imagining begins and the arts play a central role. More>

Visiting Artist Lecture Schedule
1/7 – Shifting Baselines Gallery Talk – 6pm, SFAI
2/4 – Blandine Chavanne Talk – 6pm, SFAI
3/11 – Carlan Tapp Lecture – 6pm, SFAI
4/15 – Fran Hardy/Bob Demboski Screening and Q&A – 6pm, SFAI
6/3 – Martha Russo Lecture – 6pm, SFAI
8/12 – Dylan Miner Lecture – 6pm, SFAI
10/14 – Dread Scott Lecture – 6pm, SFAI
11/4 – Rick Lowe Lecture – 6pm, SFAI
12/2 – Susan York & Arthur Sze – 6pm, SFAI

Exhibition Schedule
1/7-3/1 – Shifting Baselines, SFAI
2/1-28 – Snow Poems Photographs, SFAI
3/11-4/5 – Carlan Tapp China Express, SFAI
4/15-5/17 – Earth Chronicles Project: New Mexico, SFAI
6/3-8/12 – Martha Russo, SFAI
8/12-9/27 – Dylan Miner Anishinaabensag Biimskowebshkigewag 
(Native Kids Ride Bikes),
10/14-11/22 – Dread Scott, SFAI
12/2-TBD – The Unfolding Center Exhibition, SFAI
12/7-20 – Pushpin Show and Handmade/Homemade Holiday
Pop-Up Shop, TBD

Artists and Writers in Residence Open Studio Schedule
2/21 – 5:30pm, SFAI
3/28 – 5:30pm, SFAI
4/25  – 5:30pm, SFAI
5/23  – 5:30pm, SFAI
6/27  – 5:30pm, SFAI
7/25  – 6pm, SFAI
8/22  – 6pm, SFAI
9/26  – 6pm, SFAI
10/24  – 6pm, SFAI
11/21  – 6pm, SFAI
12/19  – 6pm, SFAI

Youth Education and Outreach

6/24 - 8/9 Arts Alive! Summer Camp for Kids

Mon-Fri 9:30am - 4:30pm, Santa Fe Place Mall
Call 505 424-5050

Graffiti Workshop

Every Saturday 11am - 1pm, ages 6-19, Santa Fe Place Mall, FREE!

Call 505 424-5050. Learn street art, muraling and painting techniques from experienced local graffiti artists. Work safely on projects in the community, meet new friends, and have fun!!!

Current programming

Métis artist, historian, and curator Dylan Miner

Anishinaabensag Biimskowebshkigewag
(Native Kids Ride Bikes)

Exhibition 8/12 – 9/27

Lecture & Opening, Art, History, Memory: Artistic Practice in an Age of Ongoing Colonialisms, 8/12, 6pm SFAI, $10, $5 seniors & students

SFAI Artists & Writers in Residence
August Open Studios

Get a sneak peak into the studio process
with our artists and writers in residence

8/22, 6pm SFAI, free

Helen Knowles - Manchester, UK

Dylan Miner - East Lansing, MI

Hugh Pocock - Baltimore, MD

Edie Tsong - Santa Fe, N

Link to blog for full bios >

cavities and clumps: the psychology and physicality of contested space

An Exhibition and Lecture by Martha Russo
Exhibition runs through August 12, 9am to 5pm, FREE

River Runs Through Us
A beautiful project by three dear friends of the SFAI:  Bobbe Besold, Dominique Mazeaud, and Valerie Martinez. Visit online at

3 artists, 5 days, 54 miles. A pilgrimage along the endangered Santa Fe river. Bobbe Besold, Valerie Martínez, Dominique Mazeaud. A Littleglobe project. Video edited by Shebana Coelho,

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